Hawaii COVID-19 Data

Other Data Dashboards

How many new cases were reported today on each island?
See a breakdown of total and newly reported cases by island and case status.

Vaccine Summary

What are the current vaccination rates across the state?
Track vaccine administration by county, zip code, age, and race.

Travel Data

How does travel relate to newly reported cases?
View cases by travel history and residence status.

Mortality Data

What are the characteristics of people who have died from COVID-19?
Explore trends and demographics like age, race, and gender of COVID-19 deaths.

Investigation Summary

How successful is DOH in reaching newly reported cases?
Visualize key contact tracing and investigation indicators and barriers.

Outcome Data

Who has been impacted by severe outcomes?
Understand COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths by age and gender.

Age Trends

How are different age groups being affected by COVID?
Examine case rates by age group over time.

Race/Ethnicity Data

Which racial and ethnic groups have been most affected?
Compare cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by race/ethnicity and trends over time.


Hawaii’s Data Reports have moved off the Data Dashboard onto their own Data Reports page on November 12, 2021