We continue to see cases associated with the remaining bars that are still open. It is difficult to wear a mask while drinking and as people become impaired, they naturally stop physically distancing and begin to congregate together. We have heard reports that people are still doing rigorous activities in gyms while wearing masks. This may be contributing to spread of infection as the consistency of mask wearing is unclear, specifically if they are worn all the time or correctly. The effectiveness of mask wearing while the mask is wet with sweat or vapor is unclear at this time. Some gyms have done a good job with rigorous protocols for cleaning, spacing etc., while others are problematic as we’ve seen in, for example, a circuit gym cluster.  Lastly and especially, we continue to see COVID-19 clusters involving parties or gatherings in private homes (e.g., birthday party, funeral, religious gather etc.). These gatherings have no masking and no distancing, mostly involving families and friends.