Dear Community Colleagues,

We are pleased to present you with the web-based Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan (HIPP) 2018-2023, that serves as a guide for reducing the eight leading causes of injury in Hawaii. This HIPP builds on the previous Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan 2012-2017 and is the result of a collaborative effort between the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH), Emergency Medical Services and Injury Prevention System Branch (EMSIPSB); the Injury Prevention Advisory Committee (IPAC); and other community partners. In the gap period between the end of the previous plan and inception of the new plan, the initial plan continued to guide the work of the DOH Injury Prevention and Control Section (IPCS) and community partners.


Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan 2018-2023

Here in Hawaii, we have made great strides in preventing injuries through the cooperative efforts of government agencies, voluntary and professional organizations,

and numerous other community partners. There is much more we must do, however, to further reduce the burden of injury. Injury prevention remains an under-recognized and under-funded area of public health. Now more than ever, we must leverage our resources to join the best knowledge and practices with strong partnerships to effectively prevent injuries, thereby reducing pain and suffering, and saving Hawaii millions of dollars each year. We must work together to raise public awareness, build community capacity for injury prevention efforts, make changes to the physical environment, and implement policy and organizational practices that prevent injuries.

On behalf of the Injury Prevention Advisory Committee and the Hawaii State Department of Health, we invite you to join us in achieving the recommendations set forth in this plan. Please contact us and share this resource through:

Working together, we can accomplish what none of us can do alone.