The Hawaii State Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention System Branch extends our sincere appreciation for attending IPAC meetings and offering your expertise and feedback to help us development the 2018 – 2023 Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan, and for IPACs commitment to guide its ongoing implementation.


  • Alvin C. Bronstein
  • Bridget Velasco
  • Daniel Galanis
  • Kari Benes
  • Nancy Deeley
  • Nicholas L. Hines
  • Stanley Michaels
  • Tammie Smith
  • Therese Argoud
  • Tiffany Lightfoot

IPAC Attendees

  • Aimee Malia Grace*
  • Alvin Onaka
  • Anna Later
  • Betty Wood
  • Bruce McEwan**
  • Chad Taniguchi
  • Cody Garza
  • Cora Speck
  • Christina Donayri
  • Danny Kao
  • David Kingdon*
  • Deborah Goebert*
  • Dory Clisham
  • Elzy Kaina**
  • Emily K. Roberson*
  • Eric Tash*
  • Frank Haas
  • Jane Onoye
  • Jim Howe*
  • Jeanne Vave
  • Jeny Bissell
  • Katherine Yang
  • Kathleen Baker
  • Kevin McAfee
  • Krista Hopkins Cole*
  • Lisa Dau
  • Liz Zimmerman
  • Matthew Wells
  • Melissa Hamada
  • Mitch Roth*
  • Ralph Goto**
  • Robyn Hasegawa*
  • Speedy Bailey
  • Stephanie Yee
  • Susan LaFountaine*
  • Tito Villanueva
  • Tod Robertson

*Current IPAC Steering Committee member
**Former IPAC Steering Committee member

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