How the Injury Prevention Plan Can Be Used


This Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan (HIPP) 2018-2023 reflects the current thinking of public health professionals and community partners. Developed in collaboration with injury prevention partners and EMSIPSB staff, the HIPP will be maintained as a “web-based strategic plan” that evolves with state of Hawaii. This web-based strategic plan, aligned with Governor David Ige’s priorities to convert to paperless systems, is beyond a static report, interactive, dynamic and will be regularly updated.

The HIPP can be used in a variety of ways by local agencies, businesses, community organizations, advocacy groups, planners, decision-makers, researchers, and others interested in preventing injuries. Examples include:

  • Collaboration: Groups and individuals interested in addressing a particular injury area can use HIPP to assess the current thinking, get an understanding of the key players involved, and build consensus for implementing priority activities.
  • Policy making: Advocacy groups working in injury prevention can use HIPP to support and act on prioritized areas of concern and identify key partners to collaborate with.
  • Program planning: Organizations and individuals interested in addressing an injury area can use HIPP for priority setting and action planning.
  • Research: Researchers, including graduate and medical students, can use HIPP to develop studies to adapt and evaluate evidence-based practices for Hawaii.