Severe Weather Alert

   State and county officials are working to prepare for severe weather across all Hawaiian islands today through Tuesday, or even Wednesday.

      Some islands have already been impacted.

      Very heavy rainfall, flash flooding and high surf are expected.

      Preparations are being made for possible landslides, road closings and property damage.

      Please prepare your home and family for this weather event.

Prepare NOW: Necessities. Organization. Wellness.

`  The Department of Health reminds everyone to:

  • Have a personal/family emergency plan. Make sure that each family member knows what to do and where to go in case of emergency. For useful ideas on making an emergency plan, refer to the DOH disaster preparedness “Make a Plan” webpage at
  • Have an emergency kit with enough supplies to last at least 14 days. Essential supplies include water, food, medications, hygiene items, radio, flashlight, cash, basic first-aid supplies, clothes, and supplies for infants, seniors, pets, or other family members with special needs. For helpful guidelines on assembling an emergency supply kit, refer to the DOH disaster preparedness “Get a Kit” webpage at
  • Stay informed. In addition to being prepared with necessities, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA, reminds everyone to have a reliable way to get information. You can get the latest information by monitoring local news broadcasts and by signing up for local emergency notification systems at the following webpage:

   Prepare, stay informed, stay safe.

`  Follow @PrepareNOWHI for updates.