Office of Public Health Preparedness sponsors Honolulu Theatre for Youth production of “Home of the Brave”

Resilience is a key component of preparedness. It comes in many forms, from making sure you have the resources to get through a disaster (such as emergency supplies), to preparing yourself mentally and emotionally to handle what comes next.

Hawaii has many communities, including military families. Children whose parents are in the armed forces often have a special kind of resilience that helps them get through some very tough times, including their mom and/or dad being deployed far away from home, as well as having to move around a lot in order to stay together. This can take a toll on kids, but they often develop ways to cope, especially when they come together and help.

On February 8, 9, 16, and 23, Honolulu Theatre for Youth (HTY) will be presenting an inspiring play, “Home of the Brave,” that highlights these amazing kids and the resilience they develop. Written by local journalist Lee Cataluna, it showcases the loyalty and fierce pride of children in military families, along with the anxiety that they face from these challenges.

The Office of Public Health Preparedness (that’s us) at the Hawaii Department of Health is a sponsor of “Home of the Brave,” which will also be performed at several schools. For more information on times and getting tickets, click the link below.