Make a Kit

Hawaii is susceptible to many types of natural disasters as well as health emergencies (like the COVID-19 pandemic) and its isolation makes our state even more vulnerable. When disaster strikes—whether it is natural or manmade—you need to be prepared.

Emergency responders will be hard at work assisting the public, but you may need to survive on your own for a while immediately after the event. Or during a pandemic, you may suddenly be required to isolate or quarantine at home for ten to fourteen days or more. There are many things you can do to prepare before disaster strikes, and one of them is preparing an emergency kit.

To get started on the kit, think about all the people who you care about and the things you and they will need to get through the day. Those are the things you will need to prepare and stock up on for your emergency “go-kit.”

To ensure you have enough food, water, and other essential supplies for yourself and your family, plan out what you need for at least 14 days. The Hawaii Department of Health’s “Take 10” plan will guide you. Remember, in the event of a disaster, you may not have access to food, water, or electricity for some time. Or during a health crisis, you may suddenly have to isolate or quarantine at home and be unable to get essential groceries.

Stock your supplies in an easy to find, grab-and-go kit you can provide for your entire family. For more information, use the helpful tips in DOH’s “Plan To Be Ready” guide. We even have a guide to help get your keiki involved.

Think about plans for work, home, and school. Don’t forget about your pets, elderly relatives, and those with special needs. has great tips for what to add to your disaster supplies kit. Remember, prepare your kit well in advance of an emergency—and during the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you include masks and hand sanitizer. It might be a while before help arrives, so have enough food, water, and other essential supplies to last for at least two weeks.

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Last reviewed August 2021