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Due to the overwhelming public interest in the department’s efforts to regulate the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (aka, the “Red Hill Facility”), this site will host documents related to those efforts and provide a platform for any member of the public to review and download them.  The department intends to continue to make ...
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Following Inspection, Hawai’i Department of Health Issues Notice of Violation and Order to U.S. Navy with Over $325,000.00 in Penalties Press Release 10.27.2021 Notice of Violation and Order Docket No. 21-UST-EA-01  Issued for Violations Related to the Facility

These are data obtained from the Navy.  New data will be posted weekly. May 6, 2021 Release Monitoring Data   10 May 21 – 2 Dec 21 

As required by the Hawaii Administrative Rules 11-280.1, Section 11-280.1-71, owner or operator must notify the DOH of their intent to permanently close (either remove or close in place) or to complete a change-in-service at least thirty (30) days before the planned permanent closure or change-in-service and at least seven (7) days before the scheduled ...
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HAR 11-280.1 effective July 8, 2021 Summary of changes effective July 8, 2021